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Austin’s Premier New Car Studio, specializing in paint protection film, paint correction, Feynlab paint coating installations, vinyl wraps, and window tint.

We are committed to our values that continue to drive our business:
Perfection, Trust and Passion.

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Best of the Best

Our highly qualified, certified technicians are the best of the best. Comprised of professionals from around the US, our staff is constantly learning and adapting to stay on the cutting edge of technology. We truly love what we do. Knowledge is Power, with Passion and Love.

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Perfect Quality

Austin Detailing always strives for perfection. Our goal is to collaborate with our customers to provide them with the quality of service that fits their lifestyles and budgets. Nothing leaves our shop without 100% satisfaction from everyone!

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Highest Quality

We offer only the highest quality products. Technology is at an amazing time in our industry, from the world’s first and only Self-Healing coating to a 1-year paint sealant and tire shine. We are constantly looking for the latest in vehicle protection & customization accessories.

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Our Services

Paint Protection

The ultimate way to protect your paint from heavy damage, rocks, branches, and door dings. This 8 mil thick urethane barrier will protect your investment for its lifetime.

Window Tint

Our premium window tint is expertly installed by our highly skilled technicians to provide you superior UV protection along with 88% IR heat rejection.

Chrome Delete

Chrome Delete provides sleek customization for any vehicle. Our technicians expertly eliminate all chrome on the vehicle resulting in a sleek, stealthy look. This is one of many customization services we provide.

Color Change Wraps

Austin Detailing takes customization to another level with our custom tailored full vehicle wraps. We offer what you are looking for, from color changing wraps to UT burnt orange. This is an awesome way to create a fresh look for your older vehicle or make a new vehicle truly unique.

Feynlab Ceramic Coatings

We proudly lead the industry in our coating options and application. Austin Detailing was the first to provide this service to our customers allowing their vehicles to be protected and have an easy to maintain sleek permanent wax appearance.

Powder Coating Rims

Offering the highest quality protection and customization options for your rims and calipers. From powder coating to repair, we have you covered.

Rim Repair

Austin Detailing now brings you a solution to rim rash, road nicks, curb checks or any other accidental damage you have with rims and tires. Our technicians will remove and eliminate these unsightly blemishes. Don’t let your vehicle roll around with scuffed, marred rims and tires.


Detailing is what we do best. We specialize in the high end to the seemingly hopeless. Austin Detailing proudly restores your vehicle’s interior and exterior as close to new as possible.

Paint Refinement

Scratches, dings, swirls and imperfections in your paint will disappear like magic after correction. We use the best products, tools and people to restore your vehicles paint to like new condition.

Austin Detailing

What We’re all About

Austin Detailing has been in business since 2012. We specialize in providing ultra high quality and cutting edge technology such as Feynlab Ceramic Coatings, PremiumShield Paint Protection Film, detailing and vehicle customization. Our focus is always to provide exceptional customer service while providing the best protection for your transportation investment.

Austin Detailing has only the best highly skilled and fully certified installers and customization technicians. Our owner, Brian Daly, is Austin born and raised and a proud member of the local small business family. Brian is always looking for and learning about the most recent and highest quality vehicle customization and protection breakthroughs. He believes in going above and beyond to exceed the clients expectations: Communication, Education, Craftsmanship, Integrity, and Service.

Trust Austin Detailing for all your paint protection and customization needs. We are here to make this easy for you!

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Years in Service

Tesla Services

Is your Tesla Road Ready?

Our specialized, full-service protection process ensures that your vehicle can handle all the road will throw at it, and remain looking its best.


Our Pricing

Paint Protection

PremiumShield Paint Protection Prices

Window Tint

Madico Window Tint Prices

Chrome Delete

Chrome Delete Prices

Paint Refinement

Paint Refinement Prices

Ceramic Coatings

Feynlab Ceremic Coating Prices

Heal Lite

  • 3 Different Coatings Layered
  • Can Negate Waxing for 10 Years
  • Can Self-heal Micro-scratches and Bird-bombs with Great Success
  • Superior Slickness
  • More Depth in Paint
  • Ultra UV Resistance
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Add Even More Protection

We can apply Feynlab on top of any PPF to give you the ultimate protection and shine.

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Protect Your Glass

Give your glass the same protection you give your paint with ceramic tint.
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Protect your Tesla with all the top-notch products and services.