Paint Refinement

Starting at $250

Paint Refinement

Polish and Refine

Paint Refinement

Scratches, dings, swirls, and imperfections in your paint will disappear like magic after completions. We use the best products, tools, and people to restore your vehicles paint to like new.

In addition to making your paint look like new, paint refinement is also a necessary step before applying paint protection film, color changing vinyl wraps, or Feynlab coatings.

Why Choose Paint Refinement?

Like Magic

Imperfections in your paint are removed—like magic.


Adds a brilliant high-gloss finish.

PPF & Wrap Ready

Paint refinement prepares your vehicle for paint protection file, vinyl wrap, and Feynlab coating.

Restore Value

Restore lost resale value due to paint defects.

Paint Refinement

Pricing & Details

Paint Refinement 10

Add Even More Protection

We can apply Feynlab on top of any PPF to give you the ultimate protection and shine.

Paint Refinement 11

Protect Your Glass

Give your glass the same protection you give your paint with ceramic tint.
Paint Refinement 12


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