“Y” Performance? Why Not.

by | Jun 21, 2022 | Industry News

When EV performance, styling, and comfort unite.

We couldn’t wait to get our hands on this beautiful, stock 2021 Tesla Model Y Performance. It’s a great machine straight from the factory, but we knew our highly-skilled crew could take it to the next level! We started with protection from the elements with our standard Premium Shield full clear protective film and Feynlab ceramic coating

Once we got the car fully protected with a diamond finish, we set our sights on the stock suspension. The client requested a smoother ride and a tightening of the gap between the wheels and fenders. No problem! We knew exactly what we needed to do. The Model Y performance is very stiff from the factory, so we outfitted this beast with full Mountain Pass Performance’s adjustable comfort coilovers to soften the ride. Our goal was to increase performance without sacrificing our clients’ comfort (always a good way to save the back while maximizing ride quality).

Next, we dropped the EV an inch closer to the ground and fitted new slotted brake rotors from Mountain Pass Performance. The result is more reliable braking in high-performance driving scenarios. And if that wasn’t enough, we added some performance, flash, and longevity to the brake system with braided stainless-steel brake lines. Then came the rear camber arms to further dial in the stance and assign this monster a more aggressive look. Next on the list was complete flushing of the brake lines, followed by a fresh fill of Dot 4 Motul 600 brake fluid. 

Finally, we put on a new set of shoes to complete this build: Signature Wheel’s sv504s. After getting all the hardware installed, it was time to dial in ride comfort. We applied our custom rebound and damper settings to our suspension upgrade to get this Tesla riding smoothly without sacrificing its exceptional handling. The proud owner is now back behind the wheel of this beastly beauty! Here at Austin Detailing, we like to think this ride is “fully charged” before it even hits the Supercharger!

Send us a service request or drop us a line if you want to customize your Tesla with any of these great upgrades. Looking for something a little different? Not to worry, we can help source and customize your ride with a variety of performance and styling upgrades, including suspension, brakes, tires & wheels, and accessories with our OEM relationships with the best EV aftermarket companies.