PremiumShield Elite Self-Healing Paint Protection Films (PPF)

by | Nov 19, 2021 | Paint Protection & Personalization, Industry News

Are you looking for the ultimate way to protect your paint and keep your car looking as good as it did on the day it came off the showroom floor? Then keeping your car in that condition until you sell it to maximum resale value? Well, our Premium Shield Paint Protection Film is just what you need!

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What is PPF?
PPF stands for Paint Protection Film. PPF is essentially a sacrificial layer of film that is installed on top of the paint in order to protect the paint from the unavoidable minor damage that happens over time and will allow your vehicle’s paint to look as good as it did when it was new.

Premium Shield is the film we use at Austin Detailing as it has amazing clarity, as once the film is installed on a vehicle, it’s not even noticeable when it’s there. Premium Shields film is also nearly 8 mils thick, and when the average thickness of a modern-day paint job is 4-5 mils thick, the film is nearly tripling the depth of the paint.

Frequently Asked Questions- PPF Video

PremiumShield Elite SH is nearly 8 mils thick compared to film from other companies which are around 7mils thick and will also yellow and crack over time.

Premium Shield is the only thing in the world that is designed to stand up to a 100mph rock chip. The film also has the ability of fully autonomous self-healing as any surface scratching on the film will self-heal and not be noticeable.

The film will help protect against door dings, sideswipes, paint exchanges, and even minor accidents such as hitting the brick wall outside the garage door. 90% of the time it might rip up the PPF but no paint missing, paint exchange on the paint, or dents, just damage that the PPF will absorb.

Therefore whenever damage is obtained and needs to be repaired, the film can be replaced for a fraction of the cost that it would be to have the panel repainted and blended, which might not even match the paint on the other panels perfectly.

Our options include gloss, matte, and smoke lights. Get one panel covered or the Full Front End (A.K.A Front Bumper, Hood, Fenders, Headlights, Fog Lights, Mirrors, and A-Pillars), add on the rockers, or for the ultimate protection get the whole car covered! Please reach out with any questions and schedule your PPF appointment online!

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Key Benefits:
• Ultimate protection.
• Lifetime warranty.
• Certified Installer.
• Made in the USA.

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