Madico Nano-Ceramic Black Pearl Window Tint

by | Aug 8, 2022 | Industry News

Why Ceramic Window Tint? Nowadays, it is about more than just aesthetics; ceramic window tint is the future. 

Madico Nano Ceramic Black Pearl Window tint is offered in 5%, 10%, 20%, 35%, 45%, 55%, and 75%. With 5% being the darkest (Limo Tint) and 75% being clear.

Currently, all trucks and SUVs have the back, and rear windows tinted from the factory but offer little to no UV protection or IR Rejection. We typically put 75% on top of the factory-tinted windows to add the benefits of Ceramic Tint, as in industry-leading 99% UV Protection and 89% IR Rejection, without making the windows unreasonably dark.

Tinted Bmw Madico

Wincos is the other brand of window tint we offer. Wincos is Madico’s premium line of tint. We offer Wincos tint in 20%, 30%, and 70%. Wincos, being the premium tint, does offer better heat rejection, offering an incredible 99% UV Rejection and 94% IR Rejection. Due to the nature of the film being premium, it does cost more to get your car tinted with Wincos, but we feel it’s well worth the investment. 

In terms of Electric Vehicles… Ceramic Tint is a much-needed add-on because when the HVAC system is needed to run full blast to cool off a hot car, it uses a significant amount of battery charge. Also, the dash in most cars is typically not manufactured at the level of quality you would expect for the cost of the vehicle; therefore, they are liable to be damaged by the UV rays beating on them over the years, as well as many other interior panels. The quality tint options we offer will block the UV rays and add much-needed protection to the interior panels, electronics, and upholstery. All of our tint also has a lifetime warranty, so if your dog scratches the tint or gets damaged some other way, just let us know, and we will get you all taken care of.

Tinted Landrover Madico

Ultimately, once you get Ceramic Tint, you’ll never want to go back to not having a quality tint as the benefits are immense. Many customers don’t want their tint to be too dark and do not like the look, which is an easy problem for us to solve! Yet another benefit is that true Ceramic tint is lighter when looking out than it is when looking in, and the lighter the tint does not actually make a difference on the amount of UV and IR rejection the film contains! We are very experienced and can show examples of the different levels of tint based on the cars we have in the shop, and you can also check out the Madico film selector online. Don’t worry if you are unsure what percent tint you would like, as we are here to help, so you can just sit back and enjoy.

With the summer heat upon us, our tint appointments are filling up quickly! Please click here to get an estimate and schedule your appointment. We look forward to seeing you soon!