Interior Detail on Family Minivan

By April 22, 2013Uncategorized

Recently Austin Detailing undertook a heavy clean for a new customers minivan.  This minivan was heavily used and very kid friendly to say the least.  Austin Detailing specializes in the “Interior Detail”.  Not only do we have the best equipment, including our commercial grade steam cleaner, Austin Detailing also uses only the best techniques and kid/pet friendly products.

To get started we cleared the Minivan of all heavy debris and then proceed to give the entire interior surface area a scrub down with compressed air.  Using the compressed air along with our eco-friendly multi cleaner really gets the debris and gunk buildup out of off all cracks, crevices, console areas and other surfaces.

After cleaning all console, door and dash areas, Austin Detailing applies a conditioner/UV protect ant.   All surfaces in this Minivan were clean, sanitized and reconditioned.  The second step in Austin Detailing’s interior detail involves a full stain treatment and steam clean on all carpets, mats and upholstery.  This Minivan is almost complete, all that is left for our professional detailer’s is a final vacuum, final interior wipe down and polishing up the inside windows.The customers were both ecstatic  they had no idea their vehicle could look like new again.  Not only did they have a clean and sanitized Minivan for their children and pets.  They are also set up for future success as Austin Detailing will now regularly be servicing their family Minivan.

Call us today at Austin Detailing, 512-716-1431.  We can’t wait to take on another challenge….