Detailing a New used Mercedes

By March 14, 2013Uncategorized

Everyone knows that when you need  car detailing in Austin Texas, or surrounding suburbs, Austin Detailing is the company that you want to call. Recently Austin Detailing completed a car detail on a new used Mercedes. The average person most likely figures when they buy a new car that was used that it has been fully detailed and sanitized. This is often times not the case. This recent car detail in Austin Texas was defiantly a prime example of that.

This customer called frantic, they had just got the car home and not only noticed a distinctly unpleasant odor they also noticed upon closer inspection that the interior and exterior of the vehicle was just not up to par. After calling our appointment line at 512-716-1431, they were set up for a full exterior and interior detail, Austin Detailing’s “Boss Package”. The crew and I arrived on time and after a chat with the customer to ensure we knew exactly what their focus areas were we went to work on this car detail in Austin Texas.

First step was to completely clean and sanitize the interior cabin. Austin Detailing is the premier company in Austin Texas for interior detailing and odor removal. Our equipment is top of the line and we stop at nothing to get our interiors looking, and smelling, like new. After a full clean on all plastics, dash, doors and center consoles it was time to steam clean the entire interior. Austin Detailing only uses commercial grade steam cleaners to ensure we can adequately removal all water used in the cleaning process. The carpets and mats cleaned up great; this cleared up the interior odor our customer smelt, and however just to ensure the odor did not return Austin Detailing applied our ozone odor elimination treatment. This is a no chemical way to neutralize odor without masking them. As the final step we fully protected all plastics in the vehicle with a conditioning UV protectant.

Next step was to full detail the exterior of the vehicle. Austin Detailing does an amazing job on car detailing in Austin Texas whether it be exteriors or interiors we are the company to call. We started off with our zero waste water professional wash, cleaning all paint, tires, rims and plastics. After the car was fully clean we got busy waxing the exterior paints and rims. Utilizing a 100% carnauba wax we were able to make this vehicle shine. Additionally, the minor nicks and scratches on the paint were fully buffed out and no long noticeable. Lastly all windows inside and out were fully cleaned and tires were treated with a UV protecting tire shine.

Austin Detailing is your number one company for car detailing in Austin Texas. We are able to tackle any job no matter how big or small. Our number one priority is customer service, making sure our customers are satisfied 100% is our motto. Call us today at 512-716-1431 to set up your car detail. We also proudly detail trucks, fleets, boats and motorcycles.