Chrysler SUV Full Deep Cleaning

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This Chrysler SUV was in desperate need of our full interior and exterior deep cleaning. The Boss Package is the perfect detail package for those who need to restore their vehicle back to a like new condition. Although this seemed like a routine detail, we ended up having to give some areas of this vehicle some extra attention. The exterior paint had been neglected…and was in desperate need of a high quality wax job. After a full exterior detail treatment, the paint got its “shine”  back, bringing depth back to the blue paint of this Chrysler SUV.

The chrome wheels on this vehicle were very dull, and had clearly never been hand detailed. After spending close to 20 minutes on each individual wheel, we had the chrome wheels glistening as if they were brand new. The secret to restoring these wheels back to their original condition consisted of the clay bar, some polish, elbow grease and patience. Every crack and crevice of the chrome was treated with the clay bar, helping to remove the oxidation that had built up over time. From there, the chrome was hand polished back to a mirror-like shine. Check out the before and after images to see just how cloudy the wheels looked before we put the time and attention in to bring them back new.

When you add kids and carpools to any vehicle, the result will look similar to what we encountered on the interior of this SUV mommy mobile. Cheerios, action figures, you name it covered the carpets of this vehicle. Every cup holder, compartment, and crevice had been aggressively used over the past few months since the last cleaning. After putting all the toys aside, we went to work to get the interior of this SUV looking back like new. Every vent, button, and crack received attention with this interior deep cleaning.

Seats were flipped every which way to be sure no detail was overlooked. The leather was cleaned and conditioned using ph balanced cleaners and our premium leather conditioner. The end result exceeded all expectation of our customer, and we left the SUV in an immaculate condition. Contact Austin Detailing today in Central Texas to schedule your vehicle cleaning at 512-716-1431.