Black Vehicle Polish & Restore

By June 8, 2011Uncategorized

This black 2003 Ford Explorer Received a special exterior detail treatment from Austin Detailing today. Black paint is especially difficult to maintain, especially during the Texas summers. We recommend that you get your vehicle waxed at least every 3 months, and that is especially true with dark color vehicles. This Explorer was faded from the sun, in addition to having some minor scratching and “spider web scratches” all over the exterior. Our customers primary focus was to restore the black paint back like new. We began by doing a thorough exterior wash, then treated the exterior with a fine grader clay bar. This allowed us to remove any contaminants that were stuck in the paint, and give us an excellent base to start from. Cutting compound and special polishes were used in combination with a high speed buffer to polish out any of the deeper scratches, and minimize the micro scratches in the paint. The entire vehicle was then waxed with our premium Satin Creme  wax and sealant. The vehicle looked as if it was brand new. Extra attention was also given to the wheels, as they were also oxidized and faded. Beneath the haze we uncovered beautiful shining chrome, really helping the newly cleaned vehicle stand out more. Running boards and door jambs were also waxed, completing the exterior restoration of this Ford Explorer.