The Super Boss$230 | $260 []

The Super Boss Package includes everything in the Boss package with claybar and a paint sealant.

  • Service Includes:
  • Treat tires, wheels, and wheel well areas
  • Full exterior wash including bug removal
  • Re-Wash with Claybar
  • Clean and dress tires and wheel wells
  • Clean and polish rims
  • Minor scratch and contaminant removal*
  • Apply Optimum Polymer Technologies GPS paint sealant (lasts twice as long)
The Super Boss

Optimum Polymer Technologies GPS paint sealant (lasts twice as long).

The Super Boss

The Super Boss Package includes Full interior vacuum

  • Full interior vacuum
  • Clean interior with light duty interior cleaner
  • Detail all buttons, vents, cracks, crevices, and hard to reach areas with compressed air
  • Dress highlight areas with uv protectant
  • Spot treat tough stains on all cloth
  • Shampoo full interior using hot water extraction
  • Clean and condition leather seats and panels
Our new Super Boss Package is a super value detail package. No detail is overlooked with this full interior and exterior deep cleaning. From wax to shampoo, this detail covers it all.

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Prices starting at $230 for small vehicles and $260 for large vehicles The price of our service depends on the size of your vehicle. More information

Upgrade Your Detail

Clay Bar Treatment

Clay bar (removes all the industrial fallout in your paint job) + $35

Engine Cleaning

Degrease and pressure clean engine compartment. Restore plastics and rubber back to new. + $30

Ozone Odor Removal

Permanently eliminates any and all unpleasant odors in your vehicle. The only solution for odor removal. + $50

Fabric Protectant

Protect your interior against spills and stains. Protected fabric repels liquid spills. + $30

Headlight Restoration

Restore your discolored or faded headlights back to their original clarity. + $50

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