Pollen can and will damage your paint job.

Once again the Springtime Season in upon us.  Bringing not only the beautiful flowers, trees and veggies but tons of greenish yellow pollen as well…  Austin Detailing is ready for another Springtime Season.  Protect your vehicle and your family from the damaging effects of pollen on your vehicles appearance and the health of your family.

You may think that heavy pollen is purely a cosmetic problem.  Not so, most pollen contains acid which gets into your vehicles paint job causing premature oxidation and staining.  This oxidation process is exasperated by rain, which we actually do still get a bit of here in Austin and Central Texas.  Having a professional high quality wax applied every 3 months is the best defense against the effects of pollen build up.   Check out these before and after shots of a Honda Austin Detailing regularly services with our “Wax Deluxe” package.  This customer was able to simply wipe off the pollen build up with a microfiber towel because of the high quality carnauba wax Austin Detailing applied.

Heavy pollen build up on bumper

Pollen free bumper


Austin Detailing is proud to provide high quality, dependable mobile vehicle detailing in the Austin, Cedar Park, Round Rock and other surrounding suburbs.  Our “Wax Deluxe” detail package is just what the doctor ordered, literally.  Don’t forget that all that pollen build up can effect the health of your family…  Call today and receive 15.00 off this package through April 15th.  512-716-1431

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