What is paint correction?

Paint correction is the art of safely removing swirl marks, holograms, and wash induced scratches from your paint. If your paint is oxidized or dull, we can polish the paint to a mirror shine. We only use the world’s best polishes that contain no fillers; which means we dont hide any scratches.

What you see is, what you get!!

All pricing is based upon $50 per hour labor rate

Paint Correction Packages

  • Light Polishing - starts at $175
  • 1 Step Polishing- starts at $250
  • 2 Step Polishing- starts at $375
  • Wetsanding- starts at $150 /per panel

Final price based on visual paint examination

Ask about permanent coating solutions we offer!

  • Never need to wax your car.

  • Protects against wash induced scratching.