Interior Detail on Family Minivan

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Recently Austin Detailing undertook a heavy clean for a new customers minivan.  This minivan was heavily used and very kid friendly to say the least.  Austin Detailing specializes in the “Interior Detail”.  Not only do we have the best equipment, including our commercial grade steam cleaner, Austin Detailing also uses only the best techniques and kid/pet friendly products.

To get started we cleared the Minivan of all heavy debris and then proceed to give the entire interior surface area a scrub down with compressed air.  Using the compressed air along with our eco-friendly multi cleaner really gets the debris and gunk buildup out of off all cracks, crevices, console areas and other surfaces.

After cleaning all console, door and dash areas, Austin Detailing applies a conditioner/UV protect ant.   All surfaces in this Minivan were clean, sanitized and reconditioned.  The second step in Austin Detailing’s interior detail involves a full stain treatment and steam clean on all carpets, mats and upholstery.  This Minivan is almost complete, all that is left for our professional detailer’s is a final vacuum, final interior wipe down and polishing up the inside windows.The customers were both ecstatic  they had no idea their vehicle could look like new again.  Not only did they have a clean and sanitized Minivan for their children and pets.  They are also set up for future success as Austin Detailing will now regularly be servicing their family Minivan.

Call us today at Austin Detailing, 512-716-1431.  We can’t wait to take on another challenge….

Austin Detailing partners with Volusion Software

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Austin Detailing recently negotiated a deal with Volusion Software in Austin Texas to provide quality detailing services to their employees on a regular basis.  Partnering with local business to enhance the quality of their employees work environment is something we feel really strongly about.  Volusion Software does a great job offering their employees special services while they are at work.  As many of you professionals may know it is difficult to get everything done with our modern work schedules and family obligations.  Things like maintaining your vehicles appearance and condition often fall to the wayside.  However, it is important to invest the time and $$ into maintaining your vehicles as it is an investment   Volusion employees now have the ease of signing up for services every other Tuesday and after the work day is done they can leave in their spotless vehicles without making any special trips or phone call whatsoever.  This is a great employee perk for any company with little to no cost for the employer.  Call us today at 512-716-1431 to discuss special prices and other options for your business.

Detailing a New used Mercedes

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Everyone knows that when you need  car detailing in Austin Texas, or surrounding suburbs, Austin Detailing is the company that you want to call. Recently Austin Detailing completed a car detail on a new used Mercedes. The average person most likely figures when they buy a new car that was used that it has been fully detailed and sanitized. This is often times not the case. This recent car detail in Austin Texas was defiantly a prime example of that.

This customer called frantic, they had just got the car home and not only noticed a distinctly unpleasant odor they also noticed upon closer inspection that the interior and exterior of the vehicle was just not up to par. After calling our appointment line at 512-716-1431, they were set up for a full exterior and interior detail, Austin Detailing’s “Boss Package”. The crew and I arrived on time and after a chat with the customer to ensure we knew exactly what their focus areas were we went to work on this car detail in Austin Texas.

First step was to completely clean and sanitize the interior cabin. Austin Detailing is the premier company in Austin Texas for interior detailing and odor removal. Our equipment is top of the line and we stop at nothing to get our interiors looking, and smelling, like new. After a full clean on all plastics, dash, doors and center consoles it was time to steam clean the entire interior. Austin Detailing only uses commercial grade steam cleaners to ensure we can adequately removal all water used in the cleaning process. The carpets and mats cleaned up great; this cleared up the interior odor our customer smelt, and however just to ensure the odor did not return Austin Detailing applied our ozone odor elimination treatment. This is a no chemical way to neutralize odor without masking them. As the final step we fully protected all plastics in the vehicle with a conditioning UV protectant.

Next step was to full detail the exterior of the vehicle. Austin Detailing does an amazing job on car detailing in Austin Texas whether it be exteriors or interiors we are the company to call. We started off with our zero waste water professional wash, cleaning all paint, tires, rims and plastics. After the car was fully clean we got busy waxing the exterior paints and rims. Utilizing a 100% carnauba wax we were able to make this vehicle shine. Additionally, the minor nicks and scratches on the paint were fully buffed out and no long noticeable. Lastly all windows inside and out were fully cleaned and tires were treated with a UV protecting tire shine.

Austin Detailing is your number one company for car detailing in Austin Texas. We are able to tackle any job no matter how big or small. Our number one priority is customer service, making sure our customers are satisfied 100% is our motto. Call us today at 512-716-1431 to set up your car detail. We also proudly detail trucks, fleets, boats and motorcycles.

Vintage Ford Pickup Paint Correction Detail

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Its been a gorgeous week and a true pleasure to work in this Vintage Ford Pickup in between detail jobs.  This pickup has survived years of wear, sun damage  scratching, and environmental contamination.  The owner was looking to revitalize the paint job without getting it redone.   Austin Detailing offer affordable paint correction details with amazing results.

Utilizing Austin Detailing’s two step Paint Correction process, I was able to bring this awesome cherry red paint job back to life.  The Pickup Truck literally gleamed in the sun and more importantly the customer was very pleased with the results.

Fleet Washing services in Austin, Texas

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What the best way to keep your fleet of vehicles looking shiny?  Contact Austin Detailing!  Molly Maids of Austin uses Austin Detailing to keep their fleet looking great. You don’t have to be in the cleaning industry to keep your fleet clean. Austin Detailing offers very competitive rates for weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. washing. Using  professional grade equipment with de-ionized water combined with a high performance soap containing wax Austin Detailing is able to wash the vehicles and have them looks great for weeks to come. Molly Maids of Austin uses us on a bi-weekly basis to maintain and protect their hard working fleet.

Call us today for a free estimate on washing and maintaining you work fleet today, 512-716-1431.

Headlight Restoration on a 2007 Honda Accord

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What a beautiful day in Austin, Texas!  Austin Detailing now specializes in Headlight Restoration and Repair.  Today we had a customer who requested our “Boss Package” full detail on her 2007 Honda Accord.  As she was selling the vehicle she decided to add on a  Headlight Restoration for both her headlights.  Austin Detailing is proud to offer Headlight Restoration by itself or as an upgrade to any detail package.

It is common on most 3year or older vehicles for this type of hazy build up to accumulate.  The suns rays cause this yellowing oxidation buildup over time.   Hazy, oxidized headlights are not only as safety issue they also seriously affect the cosmetic appeal and value of your vehicle.

Using the most advanced 3M technology and our superior technique Austin Detailing was able to restore these Honda headlights to like new conditions.

The customer was amazed with the results we achieved today.  Just like many Austin Detailing customers intending to sell their vehicles, she is now thinking of keeping her Honda.  Who needs a new car?  Just have Austin Detailing come and restore your vehicle to “like new” conditions.  Austin Detailing proudly services Austin, Texas and all surrounding central Texas communities.  Call Austin Detailing today.  512-716-1431

Expedition stain and scratch removal

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This 2003 Ford Expedition is going be sold by its owner, wanting the most out of his investment he opted for the “boss package”.  The Expedition was in dire need of heavy scratch removal caused by dense brush and trees and some heavy stains inside.  Austin Detailing’s Boss Package was a great value to take care of all stains and scratches while also revitalizing the entire SUV to like new conditions.

The stains on the inside of the Expedition were heavy and had been sitting for awhile however,  all stains came out with ease after being treated and applying our high powered steam cleaner.

Removal of the scratches was no issue for Austin Detailing.  After buffing out the scratches the shine was restored to this dark green Expedition making it like new.

What a great vehicle to work with.  The owner was ecstatic with the results and the added value to his Expedition with the stains and scratches gone.

Black Vehicle Polish & Restore

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This black 2003 Ford Explorer Received a special exterior detail treatment from Austin Detailing today. Black paint is especially difficult to maintain, especially during the Texas summers. We recommend that you get your vehicle waxed at least every 3 months, and that is especially true with dark color vehicles. This Explorer was faded from the sun, in addition to having some minor scratching and “spider web scratches” all over the exterior. Our customers primary focus was to restore the black paint back like new. We began by doing a thorough exterior wash, then treated the exterior with a fine grader clay bar. This allowed us to remove any contaminants that were stuck in the paint, and give us an excellent base to start from. Cutting compound and special polishes were used in combination with a high speed buffer to polish out any of the deeper scratches, and minimize the micro scratches in the paint. The entire vehicle was then waxed with our premium Satin Creme  wax and sealant. The vehicle looked as if it was brand new. Extra attention was also given to the wheels, as they were also oxidized and faded. Beneath the haze we uncovered beautiful shining chrome, really helping the newly cleaned vehicle stand out more. Running boards and door jambs were also waxed, completing the exterior restoration of this Ford Explorer.

Chrysler SUV Full Deep Cleaning

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This Chrysler SUV was in desperate need of our full interior and exterior deep cleaning. The Boss Package is the perfect detail package for those who need to restore their vehicle back to a like new condition. Although this seemed like a routine detail, we ended up having to give some areas of this vehicle some extra attention. The exterior paint had been neglected…and was in desperate need of a high quality wax job. After a full exterior detail treatment, the paint got its “shine”  back, bringing depth back to the blue paint of this Chrysler SUV.

The chrome wheels on this vehicle were very dull, and had clearly never been hand detailed. After spending close to 20 minutes on each individual wheel, we had the chrome wheels glistening as if they were brand new. The secret to restoring these wheels back to their original condition consisted of the clay bar, some polish, elbow grease and patience. Every crack and crevice of the chrome was treated with the clay bar, helping to remove the oxidation that had built up over time. From there, the chrome was hand polished back to a mirror-like shine. Check out the before and after images to see just how cloudy the wheels looked before we put the time and attention in to bring them back new.

When you add kids and carpools to any vehicle, the result will look similar to what we encountered on the interior of this SUV mommy mobile. Cheerios, action figures, you name it covered the carpets of this vehicle. Every cup holder, compartment, and crevice had been aggressively used over the past few months since the last cleaning. After putting all the toys aside, we went to work to get the interior of this SUV looking back like new. Every vent, button, and crack received attention with this interior deep cleaning.

Seats were flipped every which way to be sure no detail was overlooked. The leather was cleaned and conditioned using ph balanced cleaners and our premium leather conditioner. The end result exceeded all expectation of our customer, and we left the SUV in an immaculate condition. Contact Austin Detailing today in Central Texas to schedule your vehicle cleaning at 512-716-1431.